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As the 30th Converge acquisition since 2017, CBI continues to integrate our top-tier cybersecurity team, experience, and resources with Converge Cybersecurity. Follow us there to continue to engage with our experts, services, and solutions.

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We help shoulder the responsibility of protecting your business from today’s cyber threats, as well as tomorrow’s.

We do it with flexible, customizable solutions proven over three decades of making our clients’ priorities our own.

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts are ready to help you elevate, automate and optimize your security strategy.

Trusting that the team you see is the team you get

When you engage CBI as your trusted advisor, the team you start with is the team you stay with—throughout your entire project.

“The team is always incredible, with a high level of service and engagement, excellent communication, and fantastic results. They are the best team we have worked with, and overall, it's a pleasure to do business with them.”

Scott Sadlocha
United Wholesale Mortgage

"Every person on CBI’s team was fantastic to work with. They have provided us with some invaluable insight. Working through an audit is challenging enough in normal circumstances, but to do it during a pandemic with every person being in remote locations takes this to a different level of challenging."

Dan Wasson
Northwestern Michigan College

"From the moment our IT Manager called, the CBI team sprung into action. Everyone involved worked as if they were employees of our company, and worked as part of our team. Everything was VERY well defined. I cannot speak highly enough of the team, and CBI."

Andrew Candela
Nachi Robotics
Our Community

Truth be told, we care—deeply—about our local community, our clients’ communities and the cybersecurity community as a whole. That’s why we make it a point to engage our employees and to give back. It’s why we started the Detroit Area Rescue Team (DART). And why we dedicate ourselves to developing new talent in the field.

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