Architecture & Integration

Cybersecurity now extends beyond the back office to align with overall business strategies and foster business outcomes. It’s no longer enough to have security tools and processes in place. Security executives must deliver higher levels of effectiveness and deeper capabilities from their security framework than ever before.

CBI’s Architecture & Integration Services are designed to strengthen defenses across your people, processes, and technology.

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Connect cybersecurity to business outcomes

Our services align with today’s most impactful cybersecurity challenges and opportunities to bring value across all business units.

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Strategic Staffing

Organizations are struggling to fully staff security teams. From short-term to long-term assignments, CBI’s Strategic Staffing Services help you close skills gaps and increase the efficiency of security operations. We provide a team-based approach at a fraction of traditional augmentation costs, rapidly enhancing your security program with industry experts.


Technology Enablement

Fine-tuning your security solutions and processes can improve performance, lower operational costs, and reduce risk. CBI’s Technology Enablement Services team holds advanced certifications and expertise across the uppermost quadrants of cybersecurity solution providers and disciplines to help you streamline and accelerate your technology enablement journey.

Additional Services

CBI, A Converge Company offers a variety of related services.

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