CBI Assessment Led
September 20, 2017

Our Assessment Led Approach

One of our core tenants is “easy to do business with”. The CBI assessment led approach is exactly that, taking complicated IT projects and outside requirements from difficult to easy. Our team will work with you to assess your current state, where you’re going, and what your customers expect. No matter what the deadline, budget, or requirement is, CBI can help.

Using Security Programs to Enable Your Business

CBI’s security program advisory services align with business outcomes, assesses and identifies security risks, prioritizes initiatives, and finds ways to get the most out of existing investments. We help you forget the security problems so you can focus on strategically solving business problems.

Our approach is to take tactical activities and help you make them strategic. We provide insight and research into specific facets of your security program. Collaborating with your team, we identify your program strengths and highlight areas that can use improvement. Our strategists, which are all former IT and IT security executives, will work with you to develop business cases for each recommendation, so you can achieve your business goals while improving the overall security posture of your organization.

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Cut IT Waste Spend to Reduce Cost

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Strengthening Your Cyber Security Practice

There’s always going to be one more thing you can do to better protect your data, IP, and users. Knowing what that next thing should be, can be a challenge. Having a strategic cyber security expert on-hand that isn’t buried under a pile of open projects, tickets, and requests is a pipedream for most organizations.

By leveraging a CBI strategist, you can focus on your business, while our team works within your organization to help move critical projects forward. We can provide an outside set of expert eyes with decades of experience in assessing, planning, and implementing IT initiatives.

We work with you to build a cyber security roadmap in-line with your vision and risk appetite. These recommendations might include products from our key technology partners, where our deep relationships give us unmatched product expertise and access that keeps us connected to the right teams when you need it most.

  • Shadow IT
  • Visibility
  • Inventory
  • Endpoint Security

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Threat Protection for Attacks Disrupting Your Business

Even with the best planning, cyber events will happen. Cases of crypto-ransomware spiked last year, with Symantec reporting upwards of 40,000 cases per month. When this happens, you’ll need a trusted advisor to help with identification, triage, remediation and recovery.

CBI has over 15 years of experience helping companies respond to cyber security events and helping them recover normal business operations. Our skillsets are built on field tested real world Red Team experience, memory forensics, legal investigations, and digital forensics.

Security incidents come in all forms, and each has a measured response. When organizations have an incident the first step should be to enact the IR plan; if your company doesn’t have an IR plan, it’s essential that one is developed, or you leverage outside experts to handle incidents for you. Without an effective IR plan, organizations are forced into being completely reactive, leading to higher costs, longer remediation times, and potentially increased vulnerability to customers or third parties. CBI offers assessments and programs to help you establish an IR plan.

  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Insider Threats

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