Leading the Pack in Cybersecurity

Electrification. 5G. Industrial Internet of Things. Autonomous vehicles. The automotive industry is facing a remarkable array of paradigm-shifting challenges. And all of it is happening against the backdrop of narrow margins and fierce competition. 

CIOs, CISOs and other IT leaders in the automotive industry often face heavy cost constraints, limited headcount, large technical debt, and a lack of available cybersecurity expertise to keep their businesses and factories secure and running, much less meet increasingly difficult regulatory and compliance requirements. 

The good news is CBI has the experts and the experience to help, often at a much lower cost than automotive companies can do themselves. 

With Detroit roots and nearly 30 years of experience, CBI brings a wealth of cybersecurity expertise to companies in the automotive industry. We know where the hidden risks are and how to help you address them. We also know what others have tried, what works and what doesn’t. 

Whether you are addressing ongoing cybersecurity risks including the challenges of operational technology and industrial controls systems or you face compliance challenges, CBI can help. We specialize in cybersecurity services, from assessments and testing, to strategy and roadmaps, to implementation and engineering, all the way through managing security and meeting regulatory requirements.

“CBI is a dependable partner and continuously helps me find valuable security solutions that enable my business.”

Martin Bally, CISO
American Axle & Manufacturing
Experiencing the CBI Effect for 6 years

“CBI’s amazing dedication to its customers is a credit to the security industry.”

Russ Gordon, CISO
Experiencing the CBI Effect for over 10 years

“It was great to work with a company that said what they were going to do for us, and then did it – on time and within the parameters of the SOW. Super easy to work with and very flexible and responsive to any questions or requests from us.”

Christine Buckingham, Team Lead
Nexteer Automotive
Experiencing the CBI Effect for over 1 year

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