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May 29, 2018

Backup & Recovery Assessment

At a Glance

You need assurance that your backup and recovery processes effectively restore data in the event of an outage. However, over time, backup performance can become sluggish and can impact recoverability, resulting in missed backup windows and failed backups.

Our Backup and Recovery Assessment analyzes the current state of your environment, reviews your backup infrastructure, and the specific challenges you are experiencing, through the lens of current industry Best Practices. Once complete, you receive a detailed summary of your current state, tactical solutions to address immediate issues, and process recommendations that take into account the latest backup trends, technologies, and paradigms.

Assessment Value
What do Clients Value Most?
Insight into their working backup environment. Many times the Assessment uncovers systemic issues in the environment that can be resolved by providing:

  • Insight into industry Best Practices and benchmarks
    With Expert Status for Symantec NetBackup and also a Platinum Partner, we bring insights gleaned from years of working in client IT environments.
  • Better use of current and future IT resources
    Internal interviews help identify gaps in process and procedure. Identifying these gaps helps optimize day-today administration, relieving resource constraints.
  • Improved adoption of software features
    New features are constantly being added. Our service helps you implement new elements and capabilities that you are not currently using.
  • Special pricing consideration
    When our assessments are combined with other service opportunities and our customized Managed Services, we can offer special pricing to work within your budget.


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