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How Cybersecurity Companies Help Meet Customers’ Security Requirements

Cybersecurity Companies Help


Cybersecurity will only continue to be one of the biggest challenges for businesses, as we become more reliant on technology.

Instead of burying our heads in the sand, what we can do is lay out a comprehensive plan (i.e. meeting HIPAA requirements, applying the NIST framework…) that addresses companies’ individual vulnerabilities, reducing the chance of a cyber threat.

Find out how cybersecurity companies can help meet customer’s personalized security requirements, and why you may benefit from cyber threat protection Detroit.


Cybersecurity Companies Help


Why Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity Help

While we often hear about hackers successfully breaching large company networks (Verizon, Yahoo, Target, Equifax), it is easy to believe that hackers only target monopolies and ignore the Mom & Pops.

And, it makes sense. If a hacker breaches a large company, they stand to gain a huge financial and reputational payoff.

But that isn’t the whole picture. According to CNBC, 28 million small businesses in the US have been breached.

The reason being, CNBC states, is that small businesses either don’t have the funds to allocate for cybersecurity. That or they don’t see it as a priority; often times, day-to-day worries such as taxes and employee healthcare push cybersecurity to the backseat.

In fact, CNBC, indicated that out of a survey, which polled 2,000 small business owners across a variety of industries, only 2% saw cyberattacks as a critical issue.

The truth is, hackers take advantage of this type of thinking and the lack of cyber defenses that don’t stand in their way.

Ways Cybersecurity Companies Help Businesses Bolster Their Cyber Defenses

Here are 4 ways cybersecurity companies minimize companies’ vulnerabilities and boost their cybersecurity arsenals.

1. Pen Testing

Cybersecurity companies will take on the role of the white hat hacker—role-playing as a malicious hacker to find and patch up a company’s vulnerabilities.

While businesses may be aware of some of their vulnerabilities (i.e. lack of employee cyber education, not having two-factor authentication…), white hat hackers have the cyber experience and background to identify technical holes.

2. Knowledgeable on Up-to-Date Trends

Cybersecurity companies know the latest cyber hacking and protection trends. Using this information, they provide relevant and practical advice to meet cyber requirements.

For instance, experienced cybersecurity companies will be (very) familiar with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework.

They will be able to identify what criteria from the framework lines up with your business goals and values, providing you practical avenues to incorporate it into your cyber defenses.

3. Train Employees on Basic Cyber Hygiene

Cybersecurity is not just about the latest software; in fact, counter intuitively, there is a large human component to cybersecurity, such as how people react to cyber threats, whether to click or not click a suspicious link, what procedures to take if a suspicious link is clicked, deterring negligent or accidental insider threats, etc.

This is where cybersecurity companies can help train your employees on basic cyber hygiene—such as what phishing links look like, what to do if they suspect a breach, steps they can take that will reduce accidental insider threats.

4. Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

Businesses in the healthcare industry must meet a set of mandatory and stringent security requirements to ensure that patient information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

To help healthcare providers and facilities, cyber companies can instruct them on ways to protect patient records while still providing the best care possible.

In fact, the US Department of Health & Human Services states that the NIST framework and HIPAA Security Rule have some crossover, and that voluntarily adopting aspects of NIST would be beneficial. This is where cybersecurity companies can help connect that bridge.


Cybersecurity Companies Help

Final Thoughts

As long as hackers have some kind of financial or reputational incentive, cyber threats will always be an issue. It is what businesses do and how they address that issue that will determine if they become another statistic.

Are cyber threats a priority for your business? How have you prevented insider and outsider cyber threats?

Cyber Threat Protection Detroit

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