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June 8, 2017


Be a Part of Something Special!

When have you had the most fun in your career? We’re betting it’s when you and the organization are growing together; when you have a clear career path and opportunities to stretch beyond your position description; and when you can see the company’s vision, understand it, and feel like you’re growing together as a team to achieve your goals.

CBI Perks

CBI’s philosophy is to put employees first. We offer a competitive package, not limited to:


Vision / Dental


Life Insurance

Paid Time Off

401(k), and more!

Bronze-Level Veteran Friendly Employer via the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

What are CBI’s Core Values?

Core values at many companies are written once and put in a drawer to collect dust. At CBI, we discuss and live by our core values every day.

Core Value Authentic


Honest, direct, confident, promises kept
As a manager/leader being authentic is very important to me. I believe in being transparent and communicating what I know, when I know it. Now not everything can be broadcasted, but if asked I will tell you what I know. Often I view my role as a facilitator, my job is to help my team balance priorities and remove obstacles whenever I can.


John B.

Core Value Customers First

Customers First

Know your customer and deliver value, every time
As a former IT and IT Security leader, I was a customer. My role centers around bringing the customer perspective and ensuring a customer first experience. It’s my every day. It’s every project plan. It’s in the back of my mind at all times. How can we deliver value and solve the customer’s problem? It’s the question I wished my partners would ask when I was the customer. And it’s the central question defining my role with CBI.


Wolf G.

Blue Collar Work Ethic

Come to work ready to work hard, no task is below you
In the Project Management Department, we practice a Blue-Collar Work Ethic by doing all that we can to meet and exceed Client expectations. A lot of time and team effort goes into planning and facilitating a successful project. Whether it’s collaborating with Client Stakeholders or working after hours to ensure strict deadlines are met; our team will do all that it takes to never miss a deadline and to ensure project success.


Cori C.

Performance-Based Culture

Critical thinking that helps exceed company goals
Every day I strive towards perfection for my customers. No matter what the task or endeavor, I commit to putting forth excellence in everything I do. This performance based culture helps promote a level of professionalism and expertise that is hard to find in other companies.


Shaun B.

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