Case Studies
Case Studies

Responding to Sophisticated Social Engineering & InfoSec Attacks

Industry: Manufacturing Solutions: Social Engineering Patti Engineering, a CSIA Certified control systems integration company offering high-caliber engineering and software development services, contacted CBI regarding potential suspicious activity on their network. They provided details of these suspicious activities which included information that pertained to a recent “virus outbreak,” along with financial funds being maliciously transferred from
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eDiscovery Managed Services

Industry: Utility
Solutions: Symantec Clearwell (eDiscovery)

Utility companies deal with a vast amount of regulatory oversight and mounds of associated documentation. One of the largest U.S. utility providers of electric and natural gas services turned to CBI and its Managed Services Team to address the problem of ever escalating legal costs and a convoluted workflow leveraging multiple ad hoc tools.

Case Studies

Enhancing Security Through Custom Symantec Solutions Suite

As a health services provider, the client was challenged to deliver quality healthcare to patients while ensuring that confidential data remains protected—during storage, transmission and use. Data security is particularly critical in the health services industry, where maintaining compliance with requirements like HIPAA is vital to daily operations and financial viability.

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