Building Cyber Security Defense
May 25, 2018

Data Loss Prevention 2.0 | A Better Approach

Attacks on all types of companies are increasing exponentially both the quantity of sensitive information and its value. The term “data breach” is now common while before it was really limited to IT professionals. Just look at some of the most recent news headlines and data breaches like OPM are dominating main stream news. It’s obvious that the traditional approach to securing information is not enough.When the data is the target, you need a data-focused solution. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) working in concert with other technologies, provides that platform.


The resources on this page offer insight into how our how our strategists are tackling poor DLP implementations and turning them into effective solutions. Our DLP 2.0 Assessment dives into what processes are needed for a great DLP solution. We also have a DLP 2.0 blog from CBI's John Beeskow, EVP of IT and Security Strategy. Please feel to contact us if you have any questions about CBI and DLP 2.0.

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