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April 12, 2017

Cyber Security Solutions | Michigan

CBI is a full service cyber security firm based in Detroit, MI. We've been in business more than 25 years, and can solve any risk-based cyber security issue you're tasked with. We offer services ranging from penetration testing, cloud security, to managed endpoint protection - CBI focuses its skilled team on all areas that can fill your cyber security gaps. Managing IT security risk is our first priority, ensuring your data is secure, compliant, and available. Our cyber security portfolio is filled with assessments, security programs, and advisory services that can be easily tailored to fit in with your exact security environment.

We can provide assistance and protection from hackers, insider threats, ransomware, and any vulnerability or security risk that threatens your organization. We utilize open source intelligence and our subject matter experts to create efficient and effective plans. Our Security Operations Center is headquartered in Ferndale, MI, where we help manage Fortune 1000 businesses cyber security environments.

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As well as our new CBI Security Manager offering

CBI Security Manager

Traditionally, cyber security has been a complicated issue for organizations to address but CBI's Security Manager has been built to make it as painless as possible while delivering the right level of protection you need at a cost you can afford.

  • CBI Threat Manager
    Get a clear understanding of the threats facing your business and expert guidance on reducing your risks.
  • CBI Compliance Manager
    Increased visibility into advanced network threats and assistance in meeting compliance (PCI, HIPAA) requirements.
  • CBI Advisory Manager
    Elevation of your overall IT security program.

Digital Forensics

CBI’s Digital Forensics team can help you investigate suspected fraud, provide expert witness testimony, and review financial documents. Our broad range of knowledge and resources can assist you with a variety of services customized for your specific situation.

  • Defensible forensic collection of evidence
  • eDiscovery
    eDiscovery is the process of identification, preservation, processing, review and production of electronically stored information (ESI). Such discovery may be necessary for your organization because of a civil litigation, criminal investigation, regulatory inquiry, internal investigation, or simply in the context of a regulatory compliance disclosure.
  • Anti-Money Laundering
    Providing Training to Staff and AML Compliance Auditing to Financial Institutions
  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting
    Forensic Accounting and Fraud & Governance for Insurance, Legal, Corporate, and Public Sector

Identity Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are a set of technologies and processes which can help solve the problem of how to link, review, evaluate, and manage user accounts and their permissions.

  • Access Review
  • Access Lifecycle Assessment
  • Periodic Access Review
  • Cloud Access Security
  • Single Sign On
  • Role Governance

Managed Products

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we provide 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and support across our security service offerings.

  • ITIL Framework
  • Dedicated and Shared Services
  • Initial Status Review
  • Continual Service Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Accreditation Assessment
  • Staff Awareness Training
  • Remote Security Monitoring
  • Regular Security Reporting
  • Regular Newsletter

Strategic Programs

CBI’s security program advisory services align with business outcomes, assesses and identifies security risks, prioritizes initiatives, and finds ways to get the most out of existing investments.

  • Improving agility by adopting cloud services
  • Delivering new services by developing new software
  • Winning business by meeting customers' security requirements
  • Enabling M&A
  • Strategically addressing the demands of PCI-DSS and HIPAA

Incident Response - Blue Team

CBI has over 15 years of experience, helping companies respond to cyber security events and helping them recover normal business operations. Our skillsets are built on field tested real world Blue Team experience, memory forensics, legal investigations, and digital forensics.

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Small to Mid-Size Businesses
  • Education

Penetration Testing - Red Team

CBI’s Red Team services go beyond the conventional exploitation vectors used by traditional firms. We don’t use a tool-centric approach, but rather develop engagement-specific attack scenarios that leverage automated and manual techniques.

  • Identify potential targets and attempt to gain access
  • Identify issues that a basic scan wouldn't detect
  • Consult with management to develop a list of recommendations
  • Identify vulnerabilities through hands-on, manual testing, and research
  • Assessing exploitability without interrupting services
  • Conducting non-intrusive "exploit" attempts
  • Scenario-based testing to answer if you are secure against recently publicized attacks


Our subject matter experts have enormous understanding of hundreds of technology solutions. This high-level knowledge helps us work with you to select the solutions most suited for your environment and get them implemented painlessly.

  • Readiness
    Meet and discuss how ready your organization and environment is for new solutions.
  • Alignment
    Coordinate your strategy and business performance with the improvement of your security posture.
  • Development
    Complete analysis of your current technology and solution requirements.
  • Assessment
    Provide recommendations on what solutions will solve business problems.
  • Goal-Setting
    The selection of technologies that will accomplish your business objectives.
  • Integration
    New and existing security solutions can be integrated to provide top-level value.
  • Optimization
    Configure your environment for maximum security and functionality with any new solutions added.
  • Expert Access
    Have a constant open channel with CBI experts on your cloud, data, network, endpoints, and more.

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