Feeling Boardroom Ready

As a CIO facing the board of directors to gain approval for a substantial cybersecurity project, you need to be fully ready to answer tough questions. What’s the nature of the risk? What will it cost? Is the project CAPEX or OPEX? How are other organizations handling similar risks? The board demands technical, financial and competitive information that is often difficult and time-consuming to obtain.

When you need to prepare and defend a lock-tight case to your board—one that will help your IT organization and your company as a whole—CBI can help.

As former CISOs, CIOs and technology professionals from every major vertical market, we are well versed in the specific challenges you encounter when facing the board. Our proven process involves working with your team to hold a whiteboard session. We get the experts in the room to help you anticipate the questions your board will ask—and to formulate answers based on industry trends, peer reviews, competitive research, etc. Typically, a board will be most interested in the data within its industry. Medical boards may focus on regulatory requirements or patient privacy, manufacturing and utilities will have other specific concerns. We help you elevate the discussion from a technical focus to a business conversation, so you can walk into that boardroom with confidence and a solid case based on data.

We make it our business to prepare you to work effectively with the board, helping you:

  • Develop strong strategies based on data and experience
  • Build and deliver the message to the board, making your case with quantifiable numbers and business implications to back it up
  • Continuously communicate status, successes, new risks and the ongoing journey

At CBI, we have strong relationships with cybersecurity and technology leaders throughout North America and long-standing partner relationships with the companies supplying the most advanced solutions available in the industry today. We understand that no two companies—or sets of challenges—are the same. Whether you want to prepare a presentation for your board about the need for advanced threat protection or inform them of a recent incident and response, we have the depth of expertise, business acumen, and bench of cybersecurity resources to help you successfully present your case and achieve your goals.

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