Financial Services
Drawing on a Wealth of Cybersecurity Experience

Financial companies face unprecedented challenges, including heavy financial constraints, aging processes and technologies, lack of skilled resources, sky-high client expectations and ever-changing cybersecurity risks and regulations. Add to that the growing need for highly sophisticated analytics, mass digitization, AI, 5G and the edge, and it is clear how protecting client information and the company’s IP and brand can be daunting, to say the least. 

With nearly 30 years of experience serving a variety of clients in the financial services industry, CBI is in a unique position to help solve your cybersecurity problems and address your challenges.

At CBI, cybersecurity is all we do, and we excel at it. We hire and retain the top cybersecurity talent across the U.S., from analysts and strategists to solution architects and managed services experts – all who eat, sleep and breathe cybersecurity in the financial sector. We understand that the threat landscape for financial institutions is continually evolving, and you have more attack surfaces than ever to protect, with thriving digital financial services and mobile banking. CBI can help your defenses evolve at the rate of the attackers, ensuring that your strategies and technologies adapt as needed, so you have the tools you need to defend your networks, wherever they reside.

We also are experts at helping financial companies achieve and sustain compliance. As you know better than anyone, while all industries expect compliance to regulatory demands, the financial industry has particularly stringent demands, including international, federal and state regulations. With CBI’s expertise, we help you not only get into compliance quickly and effectively, but we help you stay there for the long-term, with a holistic approach that includes careful focus on all aspects of your security program, from infrastructure, identity and access management, and data and applications monitoring to cloud security and beyond. 

We also understand that a major key to developing and running industry-leading cybersecurity programs is gaining the understanding, confidence and support of the Board. We make it our business to prepare our clients to work effectively with the Board, helping them: 

  • Develop strong strategies based on data and experience
  • Build and deliver the message to the Board, make their case, with numbers to back it up
  • Continuously communicate status, successes, new risks, and the ongoing journey

“The team is always incredible, with a high level of service and engagement, excellent communication, and fantastic results. They are the best team we have worked with, and overall, it’s a pleasure to do business with them.”

Scott Sadlocha
United Wholesale Mortgage
Experiencing the CBI Effect for 3 years

Unlike big consulting firms, the experts who present to you are the ones who will do the actual work for you, from beginning throughout the life of your projects and beyond. 

We also bring together different CISOs across financial communities to learn from each other. We share industry research and information to help them understand what is going on in their industry, compare themselves to the norm, and determine how to change their position if they so desire. 

Whether you are a giant global financial services company or a smaller regional bank, CBI can help you:

  • Assess your gaps, define your risk appetite and address your issues
  • Identify the best program framework for you
  • Secure your company effectively with streamlined headcount
  • Reduce cost and rationalize technologies
  • Manage internal threats, including falsified EFTs – electronic fund transfers
  • Get into compliance and stay there
  • Budget, prioritize and execute projects
  • Augment your staff, from a virtual CISO to managed services
  • Protect your data wherever it lives
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