Helping Government Keep Up with Attackers

All organizations face challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, but governments generally are at a greater disadvantage than companies in the private sector, with tighter budgets, smaller departments and a severe shortage of cybersecurity skills. 

Government organizations tend to focus their limited resources on meeting the day-to-day needs of their communities, and don’t have much left to attract and retain high-demand security professionals or address cybersecurity challenges. Compounding the problem, bad actors are getting even more effective at causing harm – for example leveraging machine learning to automate attacks – and they view governments as easy targets.

With our deep government experience, CBI works with a multitude of government organizations to cost-effectively develop and strengthen your cybersecurity programs. We help you:

  • Assess your current risk posture 
  • Build successful cybersecurity programs based on common frameworks 
  • Develop a strategy and plan to identify and address vulnerabilities
  • Understand where you have gaps
  • Increase your cybersecurity maturity level
  • Select, rationalize ad optimize your security technologies
  • Integrate new solutions
  • Manage your security efforts
  • Respond to security incidents

CBI is active on the G2G marketplace, which offers tried and tested technology solutions with pre-negotiated blanket service agreements to government organizations, saving you significant time and resources in choosing and standing up proven solutions. The G2G marketplace serves more than 1000 government organizations in the U.S. and beyond, and continues to grow.

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