CBI Incident Response / PenTest
May 25, 2018

Incident Response & Readiness

Information Security Incidents Are Going To Happen, Are You Ready?

Quick incident identification and remediation can reduce the financial impact to your organization. But, how do you know if your organization is prepared for an attack against a critical server? Do you have a documented and tested response plan? Does your Response Team know how to react to the attack?

The best way to evaluate the readiness of your plan is by simulating a real attack.

Incidents differ and have varying potential impact. CBI’s Incident Response and Readiness Assessment digs into your organization and leads a hands-on security evaluation comprised of four parts:

  • Reviewing the current threat landscape
  • Performing a targeted controls assessment to simulate an incident and evaluate the response
  • Facilitating a tabletop exercise to review existing controls
  • Help develop a CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team) and a documented incident response process

Our expert people and proven CBI Process provide a thorough analysis detailing your incident response readiness and recommendations for improvement. The reality is no organization can ever be fully protected against potential attacks. But when they do occur, prepared organizations have a coordinated response with less loss and quicker recovery. Let us help you face advanced threats with confidence.


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