March 7, 2023
2022 Pentesting: A Red Team Review

The Converge Cybersecurity Red Team conducted penetration testing on networks, web applications, and physical environments for over 125 clients last year. In our latest article, they dive deeper into what they saw in more than 14,400 assets.

From returning favorites and indications of emerging vulnerabilities, see what exploits offered up the most success and get tips for remedying them in your environment.


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About the Authors
Evan Malamis
Evan Malamis
Manager, Applications Penetration Testing
With more than eight years of experience on internal security teams, Evan has worked as both a Senior Penetration Tester and Senior Application Security Engineer within the Fortune 500. He has an extensive background in web application and system penetration testing. Evan is the manager of Converge's application penetration testing.
Josh Berry
Josh Berry serves as Converge’s cybersecurity practice lead, red team. In this role, he focuses on wireless, wired, and web application security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, and PCI DSS gap assessments. Josh has more than 21 years in the IT field and has worked in policy and process development, security operations and administration, and architectural design. He holds numerous certifications, including OSCP, CISSP, QSA, CISA, and GCIA Gold Certified Security Engineer.
Reid Brosko
Reid Brosko
Associate Director, Cybersecurity Professional Resources
Reid Brosko serves as Converge's associate director of cybersecurity professional resources. Reid’s core responsibilities include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and social engineering assessments for organizations ranging from enterprise to state level. Reid has proven expertise with phishing, lock picking, “trade craft” techniques, and other physical penetration testing skills. He has performed numerous social engineering engagements, which have resulted in successful breaches on physical and digital layers, including many engagements at Fortune 100 organizations.
Shaun Bertrand
Shaun Bertrand
Chief Services Officer
Shaun Bertrand is the Chief Services Officer at Converge. Shaun brings over 20 years of experience in the information security field with a core focus on providing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services to enterprise organizations. Shaun has been CISSP certified since 2004 and is proficient in several technical services including AV obfuscation, social engineering, exploit development, critical systems protection, endpoint security, event management, incident response, intrusion detection, ICS/SCADA, and malware prevention. Shaun has taught security classes at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University and is a frequent speaker at security conferences and local hacking groups.
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