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April 22, 2020
American Energy Company Overhauls its IT, Minimizes Complexity and Maximizes Overall Cybersecurity


After several company mergers, a multi-billion-dollar American petroleum company needed to streamline its legacy systems into a single domain. Before restructuring, the company needed to identify and purge the stale objects within multiple systems. However, the company’s existing resources were not proficient enough to get the job done as efficiently as required. The company engaged CBI to provide Identity and Access Management (IAM) resources to assume daily operational tasks—which would free up core IT staff to work on strategic projects. The company also relied on CBI to provide expertise in tackling a high-profile, multi-domain Windows Active Directory cleanup effort. Overall, the company required a complete gap analysis and overhaul of its current infrastructure to secure its environment and minimize complexity.


CBI worked alongside the company’s IT leadership team to define a charter and create a roadmap for a one-year team residency program that met the company’s requirements. The company leveraged professional CBI consultants with the required IT skill sets to manage daily operational tasks, provide thought leadership and initiate efficiencies. CBI designed and deployed Microsoft PowerShell scripts to simplify and standardize routine tasks and reporting. CBI also provided technical manpower to complete an overhaul of a multi-domain environment, cleaning up unused and duplicate users and groups, thereby reducing complexity and security risks.


Not only did CBI streamline and simplify the company’s IT infrastructure, but it also reduced overhead by minimizing the IT staffing that was previously required to manage multiple domains. Other benefits included a significant reduction in the annual technology run rate due to less legacy infrastructure; improved overall security with the removal of unmanaged, duplicate users and groups; substantially less time required to resolve tickets for daily operations; more automated processes; and increased end-user satisfaction across the company.

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