December 21, 2021
Automotive Cybersecurity | Regulatory Pressures & Stressors

Consumers love the convenience of modern cars, but they introduce complexity and increase the attack surface, creating opportunities for malicious hackers not only in the vehicle itself but along the entire supply chain. Every part of an automobile represents a regulatory risk for manufacturers and suppliers. To respond to these risks, companies must understand the impact of regulatory pressures from a compliance, financial and liability perspective.

American Axle & Manufacturing CISO Erik Wille, Block Harbor CEO Brandon Barry, and CBI COO Kurt Gollinger sat down for a frank, insightful discussion of automotive cybersecurity and regulatory pressures and stressors.



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About the Author
Kurt Gollinger
Kurt Gollinger
Kurt Gollinger is Chief Operating Officer and a member of the corporate Executive Committee, at CBI. He joined CBI in April 2018, bringing more than 20 years of business, technology and executive leadership experience to his role. Kurt is responsible for the management of CBI operations, supporting sales and marketing, human resources, and service delivery.


Kurt is also co-founder and Managing Director of the Automotive Cyber Security Network (ACSN), a forum for automotive industry professionals to connect, exchange knowledge and engage in a community focused on securing the automotive sector. Kurt has more than 25 years of management experience, including 13 years leading global teams in the automotive industry.
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