November 18, 2019
BigFix: HCL Patch Tuesday Webinars

Are you a BigFix operator or administrator? Did you know that HCL puts on a “Patch Tuesday” release Webinar each month?

If you didn’t know, might I suggest you sign up for next month’s event here. You can even review previous Webinars to see what you might have missed.

This month’s webinar was especially good because they notified the attendees that Microsoft has an Internet Explorer Zero-Day vulnerability that is actively being exploited, and they also announced that the fix was released and ready for deployment in BigFix on November’s Patch Tuesday.  If you haven’t had a chance to talk to the ladies and gentlemen that work at HCL supporting BigFix, come join next month – it’s worth your time for sure.

Dan Paquette, HCL Manager of Technical Advisors in North America hosts the events; Technical Advisors Mike Stone and Adam Linder and AVP Joe Saylor presented some great basics for Baselines and some client settings that ensure content will get delivered to the endpoint properly and easily.

Do you have BigFix questions, need help with writing a fixlet, or are you banging your head against a wall trying to figure out how to get something to work?  Visit the BigFix forum at and see if someone else has had the same or similar issue, or ask your question to the group.

CBI can also assist in this space for sure.  Our BigFix team lives it and breathes it.  We are here to help.

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