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September 5, 2019
CBI Promotes Chris Burrows to Chief Strategy Officer

CBI, a Detroit-based cybersecurity solutions company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Burrows to Chief Strategy Officer. The promotion comes as a key component of CBI’s mission to further entrench the company’s position as a trusted thought leader in the cybersecurity industry. Under his new title, Burrows will continue to lead CBI’s Cybersecurity Advisory Practice.

“Chris Burrows brings a wealth of industry experience to our executive team and is well-respected across the cybersecurity ecosystem,” said Steve Barone, CBI founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Chris will continue to lead our presales efforts, build and maintain key relationships with major clients and vendors, and shape the direction of our Strategic Services Practice.”

An executive with a track record as an award-winning CISO, Burrows joined CBI in February 2018 as Senior Vice President of Security Solutions after serving as the Chief Information Security Officer for Oakland County, collaborating with the State of Michigan to build a “CISO-as-a-Service” program and providing key leadership for cybersecurity organizations including Infragard and Evanta.

Burrows’ accomplishments since joining CBI are many, with new initiatives under his leadership including:

  • Helping to develop CBI’s Assess/Advice/Integrate/Manage strategy,
  • Establishing a new Presales department and processes to better engage with clients,
  • Redefining CBI’s integrated partner program based on customer needs and industry trends,
  • Realigning professional services with laser-focus on frameworks and compliance, identity access management, cloud security and operational technology,
  • Creating the CBI Dreamers Club to collect employee ideas on products, processes and services to benefit CBI’s client base,
  • Continuing to serve as a cybersecurity industry leader, delivering presentations at industry events and holding leadership positions with groups including Evanta CISO, Silicon Lakes, CyberPatriot, Medical Mainstreet, MiHCC, Infragard, MiC3 CyberCivilians and more.

CBI is delighted to have Chris Burrows spearhead our client and partner relationships, continue developing our corporate strategy and serve as a cybersecurity leader in his new title as Chief Strategy Officer.

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