June 24, 2020
On-Demand Panel: A More Secure Remote Access Model

CBI recently hosted a panel discussion with cybersecurity execs from Purdue Farms and the Port of Houston to share best practices and expert insights on how industry leaders are protecting their networks as remote teams return to the office.

Register now to view the on-demand panel: https://info.cbisecure.com/remote-access-panel-on-demand.html

We conducted a few poll questions throughout the panel that provided interesting data points into the biggest threats to the remote workforce and what cybersecurity solutions are being implemented to get ahead of the curve.

Question 1: Besides budget, what is your mote significant remote workforce concern?

  • Email Security/Phishing: 20%
  • Endpoint Security: 13%
  • Providing continuous secure remote access: 11%
  • Threat detection, triage, prioritization, response: 9%
  • Employees using at-home devices to access corporate networks: 9%
  • Protecting data from unauthorized user access: 18%
  • Scanning remote endpoints for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations: 9%
  • Application and cloud data security: 11%

Question 2: Where have you seen the biggest threats to secure remote access?

  • Email: 63%
  • Social Media: 0%
  • Web: 9%
  • Wifi: 17%
  • Mobile: 6%
  • Insider Threats: 6%

Question 3: How has the pandemic affected your EDR prioritization?

  • We planned to replace our EDR but paused: 9%
  • We planned to replace our EDR and accelerated: 32%
  • We had no plans to replace our EDR but are now searching: 5%
  • No plans to replace EDR: 55%

Question 4: How have you addressed the increased storage of corporate data on remote endpoints?

  • Considering deployment of DLP agents on our remote endpoints: 29%
  • Looking for a DLP vendor: 14%
  • We have a DLP solution: 38%
  • We are considering replacement of our existing DLP solution: 19%

What are our top takeaways as a result of the panel and the audience response?

  1. Email Security is a major concern for cybersecurity leaders. It is imperative to have a solution in place to address those ubiquitous phishing attacks in all their various formats.
  2. Cloud-First Planning should be a priority for the future. Forward-thinking executives will develop a plan for cloud development that includes integration of people/processes/procedures and closely vetted vendors for implementation and security.
  3. Risk-Based Classification is a smart approach to cybersecurity. Whether or not your data is in the building, taking a tag/find/identify approach to classify data and rate risk can save your team a lot of trouble in the future.
  4. Endpoint Detection and Response is critical. Simple AV solutions won’t get the job done against sophisticated hackers targeting your vulnerable endpoints as remote workers come back to the office.

To learn more about how you can ensure a more secure remote access model for your organization, register now to watch the on-demand panel and contact CBI today.

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