April 8, 2021
Overcoming the Struggle to Operationalize Threat Intelligence

The best form of defense against attacks and those who perpetrate them is to know about them but for many organizations, good quality intelligence is hard to come by.

Watch now for an in-depth panel discussion as we break down the struggle to operationalize threat intelligence. Our experts discuss lessons learned in the field, and best practices for arming yourself with insights you need to defend against global threat activity.

During the session, a few of the topics discussed:

  • Why threat intelligence matters
  • Tactical, operational, and strategic considerations
  • Keys to successful preparation
  • Lessons learned from Hafnium
  • How to start sorting through threat data
  • Achieving a unified view


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Josh Burgess | Lead Global Technical Threat Advisor – CrowdStrike
Shaun Bertrand | SVP, Security Programs – CBI
Dan Gregory | VP, Systems Engineering – CBI

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About the Authors
Dan Gregory
Dan Gregory
VP Solutions Architecture
Dan has more than 15 years of field experience in performing regulatory compliance controls assessments and policy review. Dan has extensive experience in development and internal process audits with a focus on the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. Dan has performed countless controls assessments and efficiently deploys solution-based integrations designed to protect critical infrastructure, data, brand confidence, and reputation.
Shaun Bertrand
Shaun Bertrand
Chief Services Officer
Shaun Bertrand is the Chief Services Officer at Converge. Shaun brings over 20 years of experience in the information security field with a core focus on providing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services to enterprise organizations. Shaun has been CISSP certified since 2004 and is proficient in several technical services including AV obfuscation, social engineering, exploit development, critical systems protection, endpoint security, event management, incident response, intrusion detection, ICS/SCADA, and malware prevention. Shaun has taught security classes at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University and is a frequent speaker at security conferences and local hacking groups.
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