February 28, 2023
PCI DSS v4.0 Is Coming–Here’s What You Need to Know Now

Compliance is an ongoing process for both organizations and governing bodies. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is releasing a new standard to improve the security of payment card data, from purchase to processing.

PCI DSS v4.0 is replacing the current standard and includes two compliance deadlines. There are 63 new requirements, and some could take up to six months to implement. While that seems like a formidable task, it is possible to get it all done if you start now.

We have resources and information to help you prioritize, plan, and implement your organization’s best path for compliance.


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Photo of author Anton Abaya
Anton Abaya
Practice Manager, Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Cloud Security
Anton Abaya is the cybersecurity practice manager for governance, risk, compliance, and cloud security at Converge and has over 18 years of IT security, audit, compliance, operations, and consulting experience. He has successfully assisted over 100 organizations, including Fortune 50 and other public and private sector firms, in meeting their compliance and security requirements through innovative compliance-ready solutions.
Josh Berry
Josh Berry serves as Converge’s cybersecurity practice lead, red team. In this role, he focuses on wireless, wired, and web application security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, and PCI DSS gap assessments. Josh has more than 21 years in the IT field and has worked in policy and process development, security operations and administration, and architectural design. He holds numerous certifications, including OSCP, CISSP, QSA, CISA, and GCIA Gold Certified Security Engineer.
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