September 15, 2020
Prioritize Web Application Testing In Your Security Program

According to a recent article on Dark* and Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Report**, the number of web application attacks has doubled since 2019. The popularity of these attacks has grown in correlation to the magnitude of businesses embracing the web and mobile applications as a sales, marketing, communication and information exchange channel. And, with most organizations undergoing an accelerated digital transformation to the cloud, the risk factor and attack surface for application threats has increased substantially.

Your clients, employees and vendors trust that the sensitive information they enter on your website or in your mobile portal will remain private and secure. However, web-based attacks that manipulate vulnerabilities in applications can compromise their personal information as well as your company data leading to potentially severe consequences to your brand and financial implications that can detrimentally hurt your business. This is why application security testing has become a critical element in any organization’s overall security posture and maturity.

When looking to run web application testing one thing is clear, commercial scanning tools are not capable of identifying critical threats. A human being with significant development experience is an absolute necessity if you want to find the most serious vulnerabilities and exploits. CBI has been facilitating application security testing for over a decade. We have a dedicated web application testing team comprised of former developers with years of experience, combined with world-class certifications like the OSWE. We have facilitated over 800 web application tests for companies both large and small. We’ve also developed a cost-effective as-a-service model that allows organizations to efficiently assess multiple applications on a more frequent basis.


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About the Author
Shaun Bertrand
Shaun Bertrand
Chief Services Officer
Shaun Bertrand is the Chief Services Officer at Converge. Shaun brings over 20 years of experience in the information security field with a core focus on providing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services to enterprise organizations. Shaun has been CISSP certified since 2004 and is proficient in several technical services including AV obfuscation, social engineering, exploit development, critical systems protection, endpoint security, event management, incident response, intrusion detection, ICS/SCADA, and malware prevention. Shaun has taught security classes at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University and is a frequent speaker at security conferences and local hacking groups.
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