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July 22, 2020
Recap: C-Suite Perspectives – Executive Leadership During and After a Crisis

CBI and CrowdStrike hosted an executive roundtable with cybersecurity leaders from around the country to trade best practices during the pandemic and beyond.

Joining CrowdStrike CTO Mike Sentonas and CBI CEO and President Steve Barone were key executives from top-tier organizations in the automotive, services and manufacturing sectors. The group met virtually for an insightful hour to discuss not only the threats on the horizon as remote employees weather the pandemic and return to the office, but also how peers in the industry are working proactively to defend their networks, teams and customers.

Eight Key Takeaways from the Roundtable:

  1. Evolving Threats: Malicious attackers are evolving their approach to combine ransom events with data exfiltration.
  2. COVID-Themed Attacks: We are seeing COVID-themed cyberattack attempts in countries like Italy, using new tactics.
  3. International Threats: The race to find a COVID-19 vaccine is fueling growth in threats from adversarial nation states.
  4. Hacktivism: A rise in civil and social unrest is causing a corresponding resurgence in “hacktivism,” and older threat actors that have silent for years are coming back online once again.
  5. Powershell: While some companies see Powershell as a risk and are tempted to turn it off, keeping it on and properly configured can help you manage machines effectively.
  6. Remote Deployment: There is a significant challenge in deploying software across geographically disparate teams.
  7. Remote Patching: Patching across remote teams also presents a unique challenge due to the risks associated with asking users to pull down patches directly from the web.
  8. Proactive Threat Hunting: Security vendors are expanding their proactive response capabilities to help empower SOC teams to be better threat hunters.

Thank you to Mike Sentonas and CrowdStrike for hosting the event with us, and thanks to our guests for lending your insights and expertise with us.


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