February 9, 2023
Threat Intel Report | February 2023

“Out of sight, out of mind” applied to cybersecurity is a reminder that you need to be aware of something to manage and protect it. Visibility is necessary for a strong security posture and extends beyond logging and monitoring your infrastructure.

In this month’s Threat Intel Report, we apply a world-view lens to current threats and trending security topics. We look at how attackers are increasingly weaponizing cloud services to deliver malware as the cloud becomes a daily resource for the world’s users. We also cover recent SaaS data breaches, old malware dogs learning new tricks, and global security news.

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About the Author
CBI, A Converge Company
Threat Intel Group
The Threat Intel Group (TIG) is a critical component of CBI’s Managed Security Services. The TIG’s dedicated team of threat hunters summarize and interpret today’s threats to improve your security posture at scale. Combining globally recognized security methodologies, data and automation with high-level analysis, CBI’s Threat Intel Group provides powerful insights to enhance your organization's security decision-making process. All information is actionable and provides strategic, tactical and operational threat intelligence to raise stakeholders' awareness and embolden proactiveness.
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