November 29, 2022
Threat Intel Report | November 2022

The last quarter of the year means it’s time to fulfill compliance requirements. Like a twice-yearly dental checkup, annual compliance deadlines can help identify cracks in our digital estates and help us polish up our readiness. But it would be a mistake to think that meeting compliance requirements is enough.

In our November issue, we touch on the theft of Dropbox’s GitHub repositories; Iran’s digital surveillance and control capabilities; the latest threat actors, malware, and exploitation to watch for; the newest vulnerabilities impacting organizations; and why organizations should not focus just on point-in-time compliance, but on cyber resilience all year long.


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About the Author
CBI, A Converge Company
Threat Intel Group
The Threat Intel Group (TIG) is a critical component of CBI’s Managed Security Services. The TIG’s dedicated team of threat hunters summarize and interpret today’s threats to improve your security posture at scale. Combining globally recognized security methodologies, data and automation with high-level analysis, CBI’s Threat Intel Group provides powerful insights to enhance your organization's security decision-making process. All information is actionable and provides strategic, tactical and operational threat intelligence to raise stakeholders' awareness and embolden proactiveness.
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