October 28, 2022
Threat Intel Report | October 2022

The recent breach of Uber brought attention to MFA fatigue. Certainly, user behavior sometimes reflects a fall into the realm of fatigue—like clicking “approve” to stop a string of seemingly buggy MFA requests. Too often, however, it is cumbersome processes for security that cause people to make insecure choices, especially if they don’t fully understand the rationale behind those processes.

In this month’s report, we touch on the Uber breach and MFA fatigue; the flaw in Microsoft Teams that could allow a threat actor to access an organization’s Microsoft 365 infrastructure; the threat to critical infrastructure posed by Russia’s war in Ukraine; the top takeaways from CrowdStrike’s newest threat hunting report; and we discuss how security professionals can help bridge the weakest link in security—the human element—by improving processes for the user and using available detection tools.


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CBI, A Converge Company
Threat Intel Group
The Threat Intel Group (TIG) is a critical component of CBI’s Managed Security Services. The TIG’s dedicated team of threat hunters summarize and interpret today’s threats to improve your security posture at scale. Combining globally recognized security methodologies, data and automation with high-level analysis, CBI’s Threat Intel Group provides powerful insights to enhance your organization's security decision-making process. All information is actionable and provides strategic, tactical and operational threat intelligence to raise stakeholders' awareness and embolden proactiveness.
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