February 7, 2023
How a vCISO Helps Combat These Top 5 Security Concerns

Our experts say these top cybersecurity areas will plague organizations throughout 2023. Staying on top of these risks is challenging even in an otherwise healthy environment. But today, businesses face the headwinds of economic uncertainty and a lack of resources.

A strong security leader at the helm provides the guidance needed, but not all organizations are ready to commit to a full-time CISO. A virtual CISO (vCISO) acts as an “on-demand” advisor to build and manage a cybersecurity program.


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About the Authors
Photo of author Anton Abaya
Anton Abaya
Practice Manager, Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Cloud Security
Anton Abaya is the cybersecurity practice manager for governance, risk, compliance, and cloud security at Converge and has over 18 years of IT security, audit, compliance, operations, and consulting experience. He has successfully assisted over 100 organizations, including Fortune 50 and other public and private sector firms, in meeting their compliance and security requirements through innovative compliance-ready solutions.
Photo of author Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock
Sr. Consultant, vCISO
Chris is an accomplished chief information security officer (CISO) and executive leader. As a senior consultant for Converge's vCISO services, Chris guides organizations through cybersecurity program development and operationalization, leveraging his extensive executive advisory experience. He has built and managed successful cybersecurity programs at Fortune 500 companies and across public and private verticals. Chris holds a Master of Science in Cybercrime from the University of South Florida (USF).
Photo of author Niko Zivanovich
Niko Zivanovich
Cybersecurity Enterprise Architect
Niko Zivanovich is a cybersecurity enterprise architect experienced in helping organizations understand and achieve a more complete security posture. In his role at Converge, he specializes in vCISO, incident response, and threat research. Niko previously served as a senior security engineer at Check Point Software Technologies, focused on incident response, threat intelligence development, and network security in the state, local, education, and non-profit (SLED) space. Additionally, he held a senior cyber security engineer position with Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. His role there focused on industrial control systems security, incident response, offensive security, and the security operations team. Niko holds multiple certifications through the SANS GIAC organization.
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