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November 22, 2019
Video: CBI Patching and Hardening Assessments

While the world of cybersecurity is constantly changing, one core tenet remains constant – the need to patch and harden systems. That’s why CBI is proud to offer no-cost patching and hardening assessments for qualified customers.

CBI’s in-house technical experts evaluate your systems and processes to make smart recommendations on how to close any gaps, helping to make Patch Tuesday feel more like a summer Friday. Watch the video to learn more, and click here to request a patch assessment today!

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About the Author
Jason Cordell CBI
Jason Cordell
Director | Endpoint Management and BigFix Evangelist
Jason Cordell is the Director | Endpoint Management and BigFix Evangelist for CBI. For the past five years, Jason has delivered over 50 BigFix workshops and has consulted hundreds of clients on the effectiveness of BigFix, how to cut operational costs and reduce patch cycle times all while keeping their endpoints secure. Request a CBI Patch Assessment today!
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