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July 29, 2019
Video: New CBI Website Announcement

It’s here! President and CEO Steve Barone announces the new CBI website in this video. Check out the video, explore our new website and experience the CBI Effect today.

About the Author
Steve Barone
CEO & President
Steve Barone is the visionary behind CBI, a cyber security solutions company he started in 1991. CBI has become one of the largest and most trusted IT advisory services and network security firms in the nation. Steve has served on global and regional advisory boards for technology companies, including the fourth largest software company in the world, Symantec. As a lifelong Detroit-area native, Steve shows his pride by supporting the Spartans, Lions and Tigers, as well as volunteering with the Detroit Area Rescue Team (DART) – a nonprofit he founded to fill local charity gaps. When time allows, Steve enjoys backpacking or bungee jumping somewhere new in the world.
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