June 21, 2021
What is SASE, and Why Do You Need It?

According to Gartner, the market for secure access service edge (SASE) will grow at a CAGR of 42%, reaching almost $11 billion by 2024.1 SASE brings networking and security together to address the challenges arising from applications living outside the data center, sensitive data stored across multiple cloud services, and employees working from a variety of locations. Adapting cloud-native SASE architecture means enhancing user experience while enabling secure remote access to on-premises and could-bases resources.

CBI can help you ensure SASE success:

  1. Bring together networking and security in a cloud-first architecture
  2. Reduce cost and complexity
  3. Enable users to securely access what they want—from anywhere
  4. Provide direct-to-cloud access for branch locations
  5. Simplify security operations by minimizing the number of products you need to update, manage and maintain

Download our eBook and learn six best practices for SASE success.

References: 1) “Forecast Analysis: Gartner’s Initial Secure Access Service Edge Forecast,” Gartner, August 2020.

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Anne Grahn
Anne Grahn
Director | Corporate Communications & Content
As Director of Communications & Content, Anne Grahn works with CBI's executive leadership to develop and execute cohesive cybersecurity messaging and thought leadership initiatives. She has more than a decade of experience in information security, and extensive writing and editing expertise. She previously held cybersecurity communications positions at Sirius Computer Solutions and SHI International, and maintains a CISSP certification.
CBI Dan Gregory
Dan Gregory
VP | Systems Engineering
Dan has more than 15 years of field experience in performing regulatory compliance controls assessments and policy review. Dan has extensive experience in development and internal process audits with a focus on the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. Dan has performed countless controls assessments and efficiently deploys solution-based integrations designed to protect critical infrastructure, data, brand confidence, and reputation.
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