September 20, 2021
Zero Trust:
What It Is and Why You Should Care

Download the white paper “Zero Trust: What It Is and Why You Should Care” for a deep dive into Zero Trust (ZT) as a critical component for enabling secure, scalable networks, and systems.

A ZT model assumes everything trying to connect and or access your organization’s network should not be trusted until verified. Until recently, this approach would have been highly complex and cost prohibited. Still, advances in technology and the continued adoption of communication standards make implementation of a ZT model a viable option.

CBI Zero Trust White Paper

Download the eBook

Download the Zero Trust White Paper

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About the Author
Dan Gregory
Dan Gregory
VP Solutions Architecture
Dan has more than 15 years of field experience in performing regulatory compliance controls assessments and policy review. Dan has extensive experience in development and internal process audits with a focus on the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. Dan has performed countless controls assessments and efficiently deploys solution-based integrations designed to protect critical infrastructure, data, brand confidence, and reputation.
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