May 29, 2018

Malicious Activity Assessment

Have Targeted Attacks Entered Your Network?

CBI’s Malicious Activity Assessment helps you identify malicious activity and allows our team to advise your organization on how best to respond to the volume and impact affecting your network.

Provide detailed insight into the health of your networkSee what’s happening on your network. Get the facts you need to evaluate the health of your network, remediate compromised endpoints, employ improved protection, and better plan for effective response.

Leveraging the latest technologies, our non-intrusive Malicious Activity Assessment will:

  • Deliver early warnings on emerging threats and potential attacks
  • Identify compromised computers using behavioral modeling and fingerprinting
  • Detect botnets, identify infected computers, and allow for rapid remediation
  • Report on employees’ risky web activities, like unauthorized downloads and cloud services
  • Assess your risk exposure and identify areas for improved network protection


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