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Managed Security Services

The growing IT skills gap, new technologies, demanding service levels, and increased compliance requirements place significant demands on already stretched IT departments. CBI co-managed and cooperatively managed services relieve you of the administrative, costly and complex IT functions. Our high-availability Security Operations Center (SOC) offers 24/7 managed security services designed to reduce the number of operational security personnel you need to hire, train and retain in order to maintain a strong security posture. Our customized approach provides the support necessary to build and sustain a robust security program that delivers proactive notification of threats and preparation for emerging global security risks.

CBI Security Manager (CSM)

CBI’s Security Manager provides your organization with a managed SIEM and custom reporting. CBI will handle the daily management, maintenance and ongoing development of the SIEM along with monitoring events for your most critical IT functions. As a CBI Security Manager client, you will have secure access to our service management portal. Through the portal, you can submit service requests, check the status of a support ticket and add additional managed service options. Options can be modified to satisfy your unique requirements.


Managed DLP

As attacks on information grow, security has become imperative for organizations in all industries. Rapid increases in data volume and availability, employee mobility, and penalties for failing to comply with data protection regulations are leading many companies to monitor and protect their information with data loss prevention (DLP). CBI can help your organization leverage DLP to uncover business risks associated with sensitive data loss and lower these risks through remediation and enforcement. Whether your data is at rest in a data center, in motion over the network or in use on endpoint devices like smartphones or tablets, you can be assured that your data is secure. CBI will help you discover where sensitive data is, who is accessing it, and where it is being sent; automatically enforce your data loss policies; and avoid financial loss and reputational damage as a result of a security breach.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Services (EDR)

The pressure to deliver applications and data quickly to your business is ongoing, but as organizational perimeters vanish, securing your company against escalating and evolving threats is more challenging than ever. As the number of devices increases, so does the opportunity for an attack. CBI Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services help you discover issues, manage your endpoints, prevent security weaknesses, protect against malicious access to high-value assets and resources and reduces the time to remediate a security incident which instantly improves your security posture.

Managed Firewall

Your firewall is often the first line of defense against cyber-attacks and unauthorized intrusions, but, with shrinking budgets and stretched resources, the time and staffing required to keep your firewall effective against the changing security threat landscape can be daunting – not to mention costly. CBI Managed Firewall services protect your organization’s infrastructure and information against known and emerging security threats for a fixed cost. We deliver proactive management and around-the-clock, remote monitoring of firewalls with service levels designed specifically for your business. Your organization receives a single point of contact for support, backed by CBI’s certified resources, while retaining ownership of policies and incident and change management. With consistent, 24×7 coverage for all business locations, CBI reduces risk by protecting sensitive data with proactive management of firewall patches and upgrades, and using our proven strategies to prevent, detect and recover from security events.

Managed Vulnerability

The sheer volume and evolution of cyberattacks is daunting for even the most security-conscious IT teams. Basic security vulnerabilities such as poor patch management procedures, weak passwords, Web-based personal email services, and a lack of end-user education create countless opportunities for malicious intruders. CBI’s in-depth understanding of organizational risks, vulnerabilities, and current threats, as well as the most effective policies and technologies for addressing them, reduce the time and costs to identify, assess, and remediate evolving risks. We help you develop an understanding of your organization’s mission-critical processes and underlying infrastructure, and then apply that understanding to the threats and vulnerabilities you face. Rooted in real-work experience and expertise gained in the field, we work with you to update critical information security policies, processes and technologies, so you can protect your organization from internal, external and third-party threats.

Managed Vulnerability & Patch

Software application security flaws are discovered daily. Companies need to follow proper patch management procedures to avoid falling victim to a devastating attack. CBI delivers a powerful vulnerability and patch management solution for your internal and public cloud infrastructure. Discover vulnerabilities on your critical assets and create a patching plan to remediate quickly. Rely on our vulnerability identification processes to help you manage every step of your vulnerability lifecycle from a single system.

File & Host Integrity

Changes caused by patch updates, software installs, new users and multiple devices often trigger a breach and can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why it’s more important than ever to use file integrity monitoring (FIM) for your critical systems. CBI will help you streamline your server auditing with combined host intrusion detection and FIM. Deploy file integrity monitoring, registry monitoring, & host-based IDS together in one solution. Our unified solution combines multiple security capabilities within a single system, including SIEM, log management, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, incident response automation, and more. This means you will have the right tools you need to not only demonstrate and maintain compliance but also gain critical environment threat detection and response capabilities.

Staff Augmentation

Leverage skilled resident experts to bring specific knowledge and experience to your complex cybersecurity programs and initiatives—or, rely on us to help you address your urgent business and technology challenges. CBI expert residents help with the day-to-day operations of new and existing solutions while ensuring operational excellence and continuity. Skilled in specific areas, with an understanding of the impact on adjacent infrastructure, we provide exactly the right skills you need, when and where you need them. Our residents provide security best practice expertise that lead to improvements in your ongoing operational processes, policies and procedures.

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