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May 29, 2018

On-Demand Webinar | The InfoSec Game Has Changed – Have Your Defenses

Beat APTs with a Winning Tag Team

On-Demand Webinar

Evolution in threats to computer systems has been an expected factor in the infosec community, just as Moore’s Law was in computing for decades; but in recent years the game has changed. Moore’s Law wasn’t able to keep pace with advancements and the same can be said for traditional infosec defenses.

The greatest threat to most organizations is the rise in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). These new breed of attacks are complex and often backed by criminal entities with financial gain being the end game. Forbes recently published an article called “As Ransomware Crisis Explodes, Hollywood Hospital Coughs Up $17,000 In Bitcoin”. The title says it all, we are in a crisis and some are ill prepared for an APT attack.

Don't Be a Victim, Be a Hero
APTs use technologies, people, and processes over an extended time to defeat your defenses. If your defenses don’t incorporate those three pieces chances are your data and Intellectual property (IP) are at risk. CBI and Symantec experts cover APTs and how to prepare for them in this on-demand webinar topics include:

  • The advancement of APTs
  • Business impacts of a successful APT attack
  • A detailed look into Locky and Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital
  • People, process, and technologies for protecting against APTs



John Beeskow, CSO, CBI
CBI John BeeskowAs Executive Vice President of IT and Security Strategy, John Beeskow’s core responsibilities include advising on security strategies for CBI clients, leading the pre-sales strategy and architecture teams, managing the delivery of advisory services, and providing the vision for and managing the internal information technology and service desk for CBI. Prior to joining CBI in April 2014, John served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Flagstar Bank for 12 years. He brings 18 years of information technology experience and 12 years of risk management and information security experience.

David Clapp, Security Solutions Systems Engineer, Symantec
Clapp_Bio_PicAs the Senior Security Solutions Healthcare Architect for Symantec, David is responsible for providing technical guidance and vision in building a unified security platform to protect healthcare organizations from complex cyber threats and managing where their data resides. With over 15 years in the IT security industry, David has focused the majority of his career implementing security strategy, controls and regulatory guidance within the healthcare industry.


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