CBI Incident Response / PenTest
May 25, 2018

Penetration Testing

See Security Holes Before Attackers Do

What happens when your organization gets hacked? The costs extend to your core brand and erodes the trust your customers have that you’ll keep their information secure and confidential. Help minimize your risk with preemptive and proactive penetration testing.

Using a scenario-, control-, or vulnerability-based approach, our team will actively seek to exploit the architectural weaknesses and configuration vulnerabilities within you environment. We’ll evaluate your organization’s security posture, risk-rank our findings, and provide an executive overview and technical guidance for remediation.

We Know How Bad Guys Think
Let our experts uncover your vulnerabilities now to close the gaps and minimize the likelihood of future incidents.CBI’s penetration testers will mimic the bad guys looking to exploit weakness across multiple systems.


Our testing can include:

  • Gathering of public information that could be used to penetrate your network
  • Vulnerability scanning to identify weaknesses
  • Vulnerability assessment to verify the results and determine potential impact
  • Testing of firewalls, routers, web servers, mail services, etc.
  • Helping your staff identify potential targets and attempt to gain access
  • Identifying issues that a basic scan would not detect
  • Consulting with management to develop a list of observations and recommendations
  • Identifying vulnerabilities through hands-on, manual testing, and research
  • Assessing exploitability without the interruption of services
  • Conducting non-intrusive “exploit” attempts using the information uncovered
  • Scenario-based testing to answer the question: ‘Are we secure against this recent
    highly publicized attack?’

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