CBI Incident Response / PenTest
May 29, 2018

Physical Penetration Testing

Breaking Into Your Organization, Preventing Future Intrusions

Physical security is no less critical than timely patches, appropriate password policies, and proper user-permissions. Hardened defenses have limited effectiveness if someone is able to gain access to a keyboard or can walk your hardware right out the side-door.

We want to help you ensure your data is secure, compliant, and available. In our digital world, physical security is many times an overlooked element of data and system security. Let us provide insight as to how your organization assesses and addresses physical access controls to what’s most important: your data, your intellectual property, and your reputation. One building or one hundred, one location or decentralized, we will help identify and mitigate risk associated with physical access and people. Our experts will assess the administrative, technical, and physical controls to test for weakness and vulnerabilities, then document our findings and present recommendations on improving your physical security around key assets.

Don’t let your organization get brought to its knees by what appears to be an innocuous theft or other lapse in security. It’s critical you put good, holistic security measures in place.


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