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Partners: Symantec’s Blue Coat Acquisition Lays Foundation For More Stable, Forward-Looking Security Vendor | CRN.com

Steve Barone, president and CEO of Ferndale, Mich.-based CBI, said that combination of capabilities will “add value” to the Symantec portfolio for partners that have already invested in the portfolio.

“This is going to be a brilliant merger of technologies,” Barone said.

While Symantec leadership had been talking seriously about making acquisitions since its split from Veritas earlier this year, Barone said the blockbuster size of this move also largely puts to rest other rumors that the security vendor had been pursuing an exit strategy.

“I think we were all worried that all the cleaning up was setting them up to be acquired instead of doing the acquiring. This is just a great [move],” Barone said, referring to Symantec’s plan to cut costs by $400 million over the next two years (a number that was raised to $550 million after the Blue Coat acquisition).


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