CBI Cloud Strategy
October 25, 2017

Cloud Strategy

Securing Your Migration to the Cloud

Take advantage of the Cloud without compromising on security. The primary role of Information Security is to enable the business through managing risk. As companies look to take advantage of cloud services CBI can provide guidance, support, and solutions that enable business.

Whether your business is building Cloud services or using Cloud series, CBI can partner with you on the right mix of controls and metrics to manage the risk.  CBI has Cloud Security Assessments no matter what the as-a-Service cloud offering.

Contact CBI to talk with one of our strategist regarding your Cloud business goals or to understand how other organizations have balanced the efficiencies of the Cloud while maintaining security.

cloud security

Cloud is transforming how IT delivers service to business, is your security strategy transforming with it?

Cloud First or Cloud Never, most companies have cloud already in the organization. Are you able to identify and protect your data as it moves to the cloud?

As your applications move to the cloud, are you able to maintain access governance without impacting the user experience?

Moving to the cloud increases the speed of IT service delivery, is your security able to keep up?

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