CBI Digital Forensics
September 27, 2016

Digital Forensics

Organizations rely on their reputation and brand, it’s what sustains their business. In today’s fast moving, connected 24x7 digital world, your reputation and your business can be damaged before you know you have a problem. Threats are coming from both sides of the wall, external and from within: accounting discrepancies, hackers, lawsuits, social media posts ... are a minefield of risks for which you need to prepare and react quickly.

CBI’s Digital Forensics team can help you investigate suspected fraud, provide expert witness testimony, and review financial documents. Our broad range of knowledge and resources can assist you with a variety of services customized for your specific situation. Fast answers are good and we are experts at getting them to you. Preventative measures are even better, and CBI can help you identify your risks, and minimize or mitigate potential issues that may materially affect your reputation and bottom line.

Three Questions About Your Data. Can You Answer Them Today?

Are you spending too much money on eDiscovery? Do you know what data may have left your organization when your employee resigns? Does your IT staff struggle to produce digital or physical records?

If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, CBI can help.
Contact us today. Let our team help you protect your reputation and brand.

What CBI Digital Forensics Can Do For You

Digital Forensics

Defensible Forensic Collection of Evidence


Achieving Compliance with Minimal Disruption

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AML [Anti-Money Laundering]

Providing Training to Staff and AML Compliance Auditing to Financial Institutions

Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting and Fraud & Governance for Insurance, Legal, Corporate, and Public Sector


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