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August 17, 2014

eDiscovery Services

Compliance with an eDiscovery request or order can be costly, time-consuming and disruptive to your organization’s day-to-day business. However, a well-defined and focused approach can mitigate some of the challenges involved.

eDiscovery is the process of identification, preservation, processing, review and production of electronically stored information (ESI). Such discovery may be necessary for your organization because of a civil litigation, criminal investigation, regulatory inquiry, internal investigation, or simply in the context of a regulatory compliance disclosure. With ever-changing technology, the way we communicate, create, store, and present ESI is constantly evolving. Further, ESI resides in many different formats and on a variety of storage media, crossing the organizational and geographical boundaries.

We’ve learned from experience that eDiscovery involves more than just sophisticated technology scanning large stores of data. It’s also about taking the right approach and applying the appropriate processes to strengthen compliance while reducing costs. Let us help you prepare so you can respond quickly with minimal disruption.

CBI can:

Develop a comprehensive and effective eDiscovery program, integral to successful litigation, regulatory inquiry or investigation
Ensure the proper handling of data, from identification through production – critical as you seek to manage the wide range of ESI you produce
Help eliminate the mismanagement of data that can prove costly via unfavorable legal and court verdicts

Whether you opt for stand-alone or a managed service offering, we can help. We will improve your discovery efficiency and reduce costs associated with traditional eDiscovery practices through our unmatched technical expertise, advisory approach, and eDiscovery consulting, providing peace of mind that your data is secure and can be accessed in a timely and defensible manner.

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