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January 13, 2017

Incident Response | Blue Team

Incident Response [IR]

Even with the best planning, cyber events will happen. Cases of crypto-ransomware spiked last year, with Symantec reporting upwards of 40,000 cases per month. When this happens, you’ll need a trusted advisor to help with identification, triage, remediation and recovery.

CBI has over 15 years of experience helping companies respond to cyber security events and helping them recover normal business operations. Our skillsets are built on field tested real world Red Team experience, memory forensics, legal investigations, and digital forensics.

Do You Have an Incident Response Plan?

Security incidents come in all forms, and each has a measured response. When organizations have an incident the first step should be to enact the IR plan; if your company doesn’t have an IR plan, it’s essential that one is developed, or you leverage outside experts to handle incidents for you. Without an effective IR plan, organizations are forced into being completely reactive, leading to higher costs, longer remediation times, and potentially increased vulnerability to customers or third parties. CBI offers assessments and programs to help you establish an IR plan.

Incident Response for Any Size Business

We have a proven track record working with customers to triage and remediate critical incidents that have jeopardized their business. CBI has the comprehensive expertise to deal with traditional threats like ransomware, in addition to more advanced and sophisticated threats. Our team combines the skills they have developed, with cutting edge security tools, both commercial and open source, to quickly triage the incident, remediate the threat, and to provide recommendations that outline what steps can be taken to minimize the risk from future incidents.




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What is a Blue Team

CBI’s Blue Team is the Incident Response division of CBI and is comprised of skilled threat analysts that parachute into companies during an infection or breach and work to restore business operations quickly. We help customers deal with incidents on a day to day basis. We bring the peace of mind required when companies face critical cyber security incidents.

Can You Answer These Questions?

If you need help answering all or some of these questions, CBI can help.

  1. Do you have a plan in the event you are breached or compromised? Do you have a ransomware strategy?
  2. Do you actively test your backup and restoration capabilities?
  3. Does your company have the skills and tools required to conduct detailed malware analysis and forensics in a time of crisis?
  4. Does your company know how to contact any authorities such as the FBI or US Secret Service during an incident that requires their involvement?

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