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May 9, 2017


Most IT decision makers spend a great deal of time vetting their IT purchases to ensure they are getting the best fit for their needs but selecting a solution is only half of the process. Once you purchase new technology, you’ll need the expertise to get it implemented. This has become more challenging as security environments have become increasingly complicated.

Our team has more than twenty-five years of IT experience, countless certifications, and a superior skillset to help navigate, complex environments. Our subject matter experts have enormous understanding of hundreds of technology solutions. This high-level knowledge helps us work with you to select the solutions most suited for your environment and get them implemented painlessly. Our team can also integrate and optimize existing solutions with new ones to create maximum efficiency.

How We Can Help You


Meet and discuss how ready your organization and environment is for new solutions.


Coordinate your strategy and business performance with the improvement of your security posture.


Complete analysis of your current technology and solution requirements.


Provide recommendations on what solutions will solve business problems.


The selection of technologies that will accomplish your business objectives.


New and existing security solutions can be integrated to provide top-level value.


Configure your environment for maximum security and functionality with any new solutions added.

Expert Access

Have a constant open channel with CBI experts on your cloud, data, network, endpoints, and more.


Strategy for your environment can be crafted and implemented to achieve your IT business objectives in a timely and efficient manner.


Our practice leaders can assist confidently with cloud migration, and align cloud applications with your business needs.


A network security strategy can be defined and implemented to secure your assets and network.


Protecting data against all types of threats is one of our biggest priorities. This defense is built against internal and external threats.


Strategic design and implementation of endpoint protection to secure all users in your environment from outside threats.


We can deploy SIEM and utilize OSINT to deliver real-time insight. Our top-level security analysts use this info to prepare for threats.


Security covering web, email, and all applications to proactively control risk and keep a keen eye on the flow of data through your environment.


For every partner technology we supply, we can provide 24/7 technical support to resolve any issues.

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