CBI Security Manager
March 2, 2017

CBI Security Manager

Three Levels of Protection to Match Your Exact Business Needs

Traditionally, cyber security has been a complicated issue for organizations to address but CBI's Security Manager has been built to make it as painless as possible while delivering the right level of protection you need at a cost you can afford.

CBI Threat Manager


Get a clear understanding of the threats facing your business and expert guidance on reducing your risks. The platform includes: real-time 24/7 network monitoring, vulnerability analysis, with alerting and reporting on threats as they impact your environment.
CBI Compliance Manager


Includes all of Risk Manager, plus: Increased visibility into advanced network threats and assistance in meeting compliance (PCI, HIPAA) requirements. Additionally, the overall level of protection is increased to address known and zero-day threats that target your endpoints such as viruses, malware and ransomware.
CBI Advisory Manager


Includes all of Compliance Manager, plus: Elevation of your overall IT security program. Advisory services add strategic security leadership, guidance, and customized incident response capabilities, and include access to the latest technology and processes for combating Advanced Persistent Threats.

Comparison of Features

Protection Services
CBI Threat Management Platform      
CBI Log Analysis Platform      
24/7 Security Monitoring      
Security Report - Monthly      
Security Report - Weekly      
Security Report - Daily      
Advisory Services
Annual Penetration Testing      
Annual PCI Review      
Annual HIPAA Review      
Virtual Incident Response Support      
On-Site Incident Response      
CISO Strategy Services
CBI CISO Advising - Quarterly      

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CSM Hotline

Why CSM?

CBI’s CSM offering is designed to enhance and support your existing IT security posture. The services are customizable to help meet the exact needs of your team. If you’re building a new IT security practice CBI Advisory Manager includes strategic leadership giving you access to our Virtual CISO team. During an incident, CSM provides you with an established practice. Threat, Compliance, or Advisory Manager all provide deep reporting for your organization to help decide what steps are next.

How CSM Works

CBI CSM is a service, not an off-the-shelf product, CSM is built around people, our team and yours. It integrates proven security tools, CBI’s Security Operation Center (SOC), and custom security reporting built by our SOC analysts using practices like Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to help you identify your vulnerabilities.

Additional Managed Services for CSM

CBI CSM has the flexibility to incorporate additional services such as Security Information Event Management (SIEM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Managed Vulnerability and Patch (MVP), and managed firewall. By adding some or all of these additional services you can greatly increase your organization’s security posture.

What is a Virtual CISO?

Our Virtual CISO team can help you plan and execute your security programs. They can be a soundboard for your plans or a guiding voice when you need it. One big advantage of utilizing a CBI Virtual CISO is leveraging their tribal knowledge of what’s happening right now in IT. By working with different IT security teams across Detroit and the rest of the United States they get insight from many diverse industry verticals, size of companies, and business goals.

For more information on CSM, call (800) 747-8585 or fill out the form below.


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