CBI Strategic Programs
January 13, 2017

Strategic Programs

Security risks are an assumed part of business. Every organization has security gaps, employees click links, technology goes unpatched, and resources are in a constant state of being over utilized. The challenge of maintaining compliance with anything is a moving target.

Savvy leaders solve business problems and increase ROI, while opening new opportunities. Strategic cyber security achieves these same objectives while protecting and enabling the organization’s mission. CBI’s security program advisory services are designed jointly with business leaders and cyber security experts to support leaders in the following scenarios:

Improving agility by adopting cloud services
Delivering new services by developing new software
Winning business by meeting customers’ security requirements
Enabling mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
Strategically addressing the demands of PCI-DSS and HIPAA

CBI’s security program advisory services align with business outcomes, assesses and identifies security risks, prioritizes initiatives, and finds ways to get the most out of existing investments. We help you forget the security problems so you can focus on strategically solving business problems.

Our approach is to take tactical activities and help you make them strategic. We provide insight and research into specific facets of your security program. Collaborating with your team, we identify your program strengths and highlight areas that can use improvement. Our strategists, which are all former IT and IT security executives, will work with you to develop business cases for each recommendation, so you can achieve your business goals while improving the overall security posture of your organization.

We Work Across the Entire Cyber Security Field, with an Emphasis on Security Programs Such As:

Security awareness programs
Business continuity and disaster recovery
Data loss prevention and encryption programs
Secure development and secure IT lifecycle management
Incident response and emergency management
Vulnerability management programs
Governance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001-27002, CIS Critical Security Controls

Our Team Is Ready To Help You Operate At A High Security Posture So Your Leaders Can Drive More Business.

Why Use CBI Strategic Advisory Programs

Our team can provide an outside set of expert eyes with decades of experience in assessing, planning, and implementing IT initiatives. Having a strategic cyber security expert on-hand that isn’t buried under a pile of open projects, tickets, and requests is a pipedream for most organizations. By leveraging a CBI strategist, you can focus on your business, while our team works within your organization to help move critical projects forward.

Can You Answer These Questions?

If you need help answering all or some of these questions, CBI can help.

  1. What is the highest priority project for you this year?
  2. How will moving to the cloud or adopting big data change the security posture?
  3. What risk does the applications that you code internally introduce?
  4. Do you have IT products that you need help implementing, testing, and securing?
  5. Do you have challenges with current users or former employees having too much access?
  6. Do you have current IT initiatives that are stalled due to security concerns?
  7. Do you audit third party access to your network?
  8. Do you have compliance requirements?

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