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May 29, 2018

Social Engineering Assessment

Don’t Let Social Engineering Compromise Your Security

Your employees. You trust them and value their contributions. Your human firewall is a critical link within your organization, but they're also the weakest link in your security strategy. For years, bad guys have relied on well-meaning insiders to unknowingly provide sensitive information that leads to tremendous risk. Social Engineering Assessment services can help identify and close the gaps to reduce your risk.


  • People and processes
  • Sensitive information on the Internet
  • Security awareness programs



  • Perform Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
    to identify sensitive information
  • Design, execute, and track email or
    telephone social engineering campaigns

By design, the bad guys are abusers of trust. Our experts help you with the human element in your security strategy. We’ll work with you to identify attack scenarios, craft a custom attack, track results, then provide recommendations and assist with remediation.

Social engineering campaigns evaluate the effectiveness of nontechnical controls and security awareness training programs. The campaigns include specifically crafted email messages and telephone calls designed to obtain private corporate information or access to corporate assets. CBI will execute these campaigns, record the results, and provide an after-action report that details the current awareness and provides recommendations for improving the security posture.

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