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CBI provides innovative, customized solutions utilizing three decades of cybersecurity-focused experience. Leverage our solid partner relationships and highly trained experts, who, as former CISOs and cybersecurity professionals have walked in your shoes and faced many of the challenges you’re facing today. We’re approachable, accessible and focused on making our clients’ priorities our own.

Not only are we innovative about new solutions and approaches, but we also understand how to maximize the value of your current cybersecurity investment. We have zero tolerance for bureaucracy and an unwavering dedication to solving even your toughest cybersecurity challenges while helping you protect your data, your IP and your brand.

Cloud Security

Whether you’re managing your cloud as private, public, or hybrid, today’s IT resources are often stretched to the limit. CBI’s cloud security solutions can deliver powerful threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.

CBI helps you monitor across your cloud and on-premises environments, covering key areas such as asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, endpoint detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and continuous threat intelligence. We are nimble enough to help you scale to meet your security needs as your IT environment changes or expands—and experienced enough to help you protect data across even the most complex environments.

Identity & Access Management

As applications move to the cloud, and BYOD introduces new devices to the network, identity and access management can spiral out of control. Provisioning and de-provisioning, ensuring access is granted to the right people, applications and resources, and enforcing restrictions based upon user identity can be complex, time consuming and challenging for IT departments that are already stretched thin. CBI helps you address identity and access management challenges while managing the identities and privileges of an increasingly diverse group of users—including employees, partners and clients—that use a multitude of devices to log into systems both inside and outside the enterprise. By optimizing current systems and implementing new solutions, our IAM experts ensure that your environment can scale to meet your demands for auto-provisioning, password management, single sign on, access governance and recertification, segregation of duties, federation, and support for BYOD. We will guide you through the evolving IAM landscape and help to ensure process efficiency, cost containment, identity assurance, business enablement and user convenience, as well as regulatory compliance and risk management.

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American Energy Company Overhauls its IT, Minimizes Complexity and Maximizes Overall Cybersecurity


The ability to access the corporate network from anywhere, anytime and via more devices has transformed the modern enterprise, but it’s also created new opportunities for attackers to breach business-critical assets. Whether on-premises or off, from endpoints to servers, CBI provides an in-depth understanding and acute knowledge of organizational risks and vulnerabilities, as well as current threats and the most effective policies, processes and technologies for addressing them. Our experts are former CISOs and security industry authorities who know how to help you identify the controls needed to support your business, and help you shift from legacy tools to a more agile architecture and modern approach to security.

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A Proven Energy Industry Supplier Needed A New, Full-Scale Cybersecurity Program

American Energy Company Overhauls its IT, Minimizes Complexity and Maximizes Overall Cybersecurity

Established Medical Device Manufacturer Revives Legacy IT to Protect it From Ever-Evolving Security Threats

Data & Applications

With knowledge of the latest breaches and attacker methods, CBI ensures that you have the right tools and training to better secure and minimize attack surfaces. From data classification to email security to CASBs to encryption, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the available solutions in the market. By understanding your business objectives, we can help you select, plan, design, integrate and manage security tools as well as asses custom applications and architectures.

Monitoring & Automation

Identifying threat information quickly helps your team keep up with all the attacks. Whether you have a compliance requirement or have a response team, having the right tools, team and processes can minimize the negative impact to your organization. Being able to aggregate data from multiple sources, identify deviations and take appropriate action are essential to every security team. CBI can help you integrate processes and SIEM/SOAR/UBA technology to improve service levels, reduce errors caused by manual processes, identify anomalies and simplify complex tasks.

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Established Medical Device Manufacturer Revives Legacy IT to Protect it From Ever-Evolving Security Threats

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