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CISO Strategy & Advisory

As a CISO Advisory partner, CBI will help your company be more proactive in its cybersecurity. While shouldering the burden of corporate risk, our seasoned and experienced cybersecurity leaders will take an in-depth look at where your company is and ensure your path forward will lead to the transformation you need to reach your future desired state. We also work with you to establish metrics that are most suitable to your environment, so you always have visibility into your security posture.

Cloud Security Assessment

The cloud is the next step forward in the evolution of computing. Getting your organization there safely and securely can be a massive undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our experienced CBI consultants will help assess and give guidance on your current cloud infrastructure. If migration is a concern, CBI can help address your needs by ensuring your move to the cloud is as secure as possible. For a more mature cloud practice, CBI can assess everything from your S3 Bucket permissions, to your Azure Kubernetes deployment, or even evaluate your Office 365 Security Score. Once all assessments are complete, we will provide a roadmap and advisory services to help you move forward securely.


Cybersecurity Policy Development

CBI’s Documentation Development Service allows you to efficiently develop and maintain documentation that aligns your business strategy with your organization’s cybersecurity program. Leveraging your existing documentation (or starting from our existing templates), we’ll work with you to build a foundation and achieve a stronger security posture. We offer collaborative templatization, tailoring your documentation specifically to your organization’s needs. We optimize the laborious review and approval processes, eliminating the need for costly alternatives. CBI renders documentation that is highly customizable, organized, and consistent with industry best practices and compliance baselines.

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A Proven Energy Industry Supplier Needed A New, Full-Scale Cybersecurity Program

Cybersecurity Program & Framework Assessment

Defining cybersecurity strategy can be a daunting task. Understanding compliance mandates and technical standards, risks, and security controls can be overwhelming. CBI will work with you to adopt cyber frameworks (such as NIST 800-53, CIS20, ISO27001, etc.), selecting them based on your specific industry, regulation (such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, etc.), and needs. Depending on your use case, we can also use internal baselines or develop one for you in a given area/domain. This can be driven by one or multiple program objectives, such as benchmarking your program, preparing for audits, technically validating controls, evaluating security architecture, gauging the effectiveness of your tools, or a combination of all of those needs. Our experienced consultants will assess your current processes and configurations to measure compliance/alignment to the baseline. Every assessment comes with a report that has detailed findings that clearly explain your gap and associated risk. Accompanying every finding is a remediation description, clearly identifying what it takes to close that gap. In addition to gaps to the baseline, where applicable, CBI will go beyond and identify places within your program that can be improved.

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A Proven Energy Industry Supplier Needed A New, Full-Scale Cybersecurity Program

M&A Cyber Assessment

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) can be difficult to navigate for all parties involved, but the complex integration problems they pose for IT can be even more challenging. Understanding an organization’s current risk posture and exposure is a top concern in M&As. CBI will conduct a security program assessment to quickly and efficiently benchmark your security program to provide visibility into potential gaps and strengths. Every assessment comes with a report that has detailed findings, clearly explaining the gap and associated risk. Accompanying every finding is a remediation description, identifying what it takes to close that gap. Additionally, where applicable, CBI will go beyond and identify places within the program that can be improved.

M365 Assessment

M365 created a new era of productivity, but it also enabled a predictable network environment for malicious advisories to enter. Whether you are a small, medium, or enterprise business, securing M365 is considered the first line of defense against cyber threats. With CBI’s M365 Assessment, we help mitigate your M365 threats while increasing your return on investment by leveraging all features and functionalities for greater efficiencies.

OT & ICS Cybersecurity Assessment

Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are aging rapidly across the United States. They were built with operations in mind and without the foresight of security. In today’s connected world, with so many emerging technologies, Operational Departments are forced away from their traditionally “air-gapped” systems, and cybersecurity has found itself colliding with ICS. CBI helps ensure that collision is as smooth as possible. Our trained ICS consultants will not only assess and identify gaps in your ICS networks, but will also work with your IT and Security departments to help guide OT on its path to cybersecurity maturity.

Technology Tool Assessment

This service provides you with an assessment and analysis of your current implementation. The primary focus is to assess your business and technical requirements for a solution utilizing industry best practices, and compare that against your current implementation. The result is a comprehensive gap-analysis report comparing the “current-state” against the “desired-state”, providing a summary of recommended changes to assist you in aligning your technology with the business.

Tools Rationalization

This service is designed to help you assess, analyze and compare current technologies and tools in your environment—always keeping the budget in mind. Our experts will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each existing tool and associate them with your environment. CBI helps you eliminate and unclutter unnecessary technologies from your environment, freeing up your IT budget, and ultimately improving and reforming your security posture.


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