Strategic Staffing
  • Access specialized, dedicated cybersecurity resources
  • Free up in-house teams to focus on core competencies
  • Improve the efficiency of security operations and controls

Enhance and upskill your cybersecurity resources

The need for cybersecurity skills and resources outpaces what the current talent pool can deliver. Understaffed and overburdened security teams can leave organizations vulnerable to threats.

Quickly fill your cybersecurity needs with industry-leading architects, engineers and analysts who deliver across every major discipline and technology. Your resource comes from our staff of skilled personnel and receives additional training to meet your specific outcomes. Our flexible delivery options range from short- to long-term assignments.

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Daily Operations

Delivers critical and continuous diligence and management of time-sensitive activities that your organization needs on a consistent basis. We help you maintain an optimal security stance and free up your in-house team to focus on other initiatives while essential security functions are completed.

  • Assess & Analyze
  • Investigate
  • Respond & Report
  • Patch & Configure

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Advanced Technology & Controls

Provides specialized skills and experience to manage and optimize your key security tools and controls. Sourced resources hold various industry certifications and receive cutting-edge technical training to help your organization adapt and shift as compliance and security requirements evolve.

  • Implementation
  • Integration & Management
  • Analytics
  • Detection & Remediation

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Executive Strategy

Plan, develop and implement strategic IT security initiatives and compliance programs with the benefit of cybersecurity leadership expertise. Our executive staffing resources work alongside your in-house team to enable collaboration with stakeholders within IT and across the business. We offer an objective point of view that will have a lasting effect on your security posture.

  • Program & Policy Development
  • Facilitation & Reporting
  • vCISO

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