Trusting That the Team You See Is the Team You Get

You have a big problem to solve, so you bring in a big consulting firm to help you solve it. Before long, you are facing more challenges than you had at the start: lack of personal attention, junior professionals assigned to your account with little-to-no experience, billing troubles, or getting lost in the shuffle, to name a few. 

What if you could work with the kind of consultants you’ve always wanted? When you pick up the phone, senior consultants answer. When you need a local reference, an industry introduction or market news, you get it. If you encounter an escalation, the people you need are there for you—immediately. You won’t get lost in a cumbersome hierarchy or a nameless/faceless customer service department. 

When you engage CBI as your trusted advisor, the team you start with is the team you stay with—throughout the course of your entire project. We’re intensely focused on ensuring your data, endpoints and company are as cyber secure as they can be. 

We keep our finger on the pulse of your company and your industry, leveraging our senior-level expertise to sort through and recommend the ever-emerging technologies that promise cost savings and streamlined processes.

The benefits of working with CBI include:

  • Unwavering attention-to-detail and unparalleled dedication to your business 
  • One “go-to” team of senior professionals who are as passionate about your cybersecurity as you are
  • Proven recommendations based on deep expertise across multiple industries
  • Full transparency into all activities and 100% visibility into your solutions
  • Responsible reporting, staffing, regular check-ins, and onsite presence
  • Agile, affordable, advanced protection wherever your business needs it most

We have 30 years of cybersecurity-focused experience in customizing solutions and innovating new approaches for companies just like yours. If you want a cybersecurity partner that is approachable, accessible and focused on making your priorities our own, give us a try.

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